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"SWEAR    BT    THE    HORN9

with us seemed to be to keep us tough and fit.
We were never allowed to stand close to the fire,
lest our bodies should get overheated and make us
lazy. And our parents never allowed us to eat
faf1 meats of any kind. That, they said, would
make our stomachs soft.

We youngsters were given daily lectures on how
to live, by twelve of the oldest men of the tribe.
Because they had lived to such remarkable ages it
was considered that they knew better how to live
than any one else. Every morning just before
sunrise, while the camp still lay on their pallets in
their teepees, one of these old men would take his
turn in getting up early and walk through the
camp, shouting out his lecture on how to live to
be old and his advice on morals, courage, and per-
sonal bravery. His voice would awake us, and
we would lie still and listen intently to every
word he said. At that time of the morning,
just as we had awakened from a night's rest,
his words seemed to pierce deep into us; we
remembered every word he said, and all dur-
ing the day his advice would keep coming back
Into our minds, and we would try to live up to

All of these men were great warriors, who had
many scalps to their credit, and we respected our
old people above all others In the tribe. To live
to be so old they must have been brave and strong